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2 1 3 3  Y e a r s  o f  D y n a s t i e s

Speaking of the end of the Qing Dynasty in 1911, Bamber Gascoigne wrote in "The Dynasties of China":

"Thus ended the world’s most remarkable span of imperial history. It was 2133 years since Shi Huang Di had first unified China. His hope of countless emperors from his own line had been soon frustrated, but the generations of rulers following him on that same imperial throne had been as near to countless as history is likely to come. One loses a normal sense of time in writing or reading of China. Comparison with two of the world’s other great empires can serve perhaps to put her dynasties into some sort of perspective. The Roman Empire was founded during the Han dynasty and came to an end in the gap between the Han and the Tang. The British Empire began early in the Qing dynasty and barely survived it.

....... in all these respects, and many more like them, the beginning and the end of Chinese imperial history show closer links over thousands of years than one is accustomed to find elsewhere over hundreds. There has been no story like it in human experience."


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Gauze dress worn by noble women in the
Tang Dynasty (618-907)



Reference: The Dynasties of China, by Bamber Gascoigne
(This book at amazon.com).