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Special Topics

The links below take you to select articles from New York Metropolitan of Art.
Articles from other sources may be added in the future.

Life of the Buddha

Legacy of Genghis Khan, Legacy of

Han Dynasty (206 B.C.220 A.D.)

Han Dynasty: Music

Jiahu (ca. 70005700 B.C.)

Ming Dynasty (13681644)

Nature in Chinese Culture

China's Neolithic Period, China

Northern and Southern Dynasties (386589 A.D.)

Northern Song Dynasty (9601127)

Southern Song Dynasty(11271279)


  Qin Dynasty (221206 B.C.)

The Qin

Qing Dynasty (16441911): Courtiers, Officials, and Professional Artists

Qing Dynasty (16441911): Loyalists and Individualists

Qing Dynasty (16441911): Painting

Qing Dynasty (16441911): Traditionalists

China's rulers

Scholar-Officials of China

Shang and Zhou Dynasties

Tang Dynasty (618906)

Ancient trade Routes between Europe and Asia

New Visual Language Transmitted Across Asia

Yuan Dynasty (12791368)